The Desert Grace

The Desert Grace
  • Namibia

The hot sun beats down on the Namib landscapes around the property. As you slip out of the car, your shoes crunch of the white gravel that fills the solar-panel parking lot and you turn to find a wide smile greeting you. A cool face towel and bright pink slushy welcome you to The Desert Grace.

Opening in 2018, this is the first of Gondwana's lodges to be entirely constructed using sandbags instead of bricks. Not only does this have a positive outcome for the environment, it also makes the 24 rooms on the lodge cooler and very well insulated.

As you enter the Reception you are greeted by lavish finishes and quirky character - inspired by Wes Anderson films from the 60's, this lodge offers a unique experience. The dining room and bar are equally characteristic in their appearance with pink lettering glowing along the wall 'One night in Namibia' - surely this is something not to be missed?

Walk through your chalet door to find soft shades of love floating across the canvas - the minibar has that perfect gin and tonic waiting, and your private plunge pool is a sliding door away.

'One night in Namibia' - if that is all time you have for this special country, consider spending that night in The Desert Grace, where the rhythm of the desert keeps you company as the sun bids you farewell to rest for the new day.